Awesome People Hanging Out With Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase often gets a bad rap for being the weaker link to the many, many super strong links on Community, but a lot of that has to do with Pierce Hawthorne serving as a necessary, annoying foil for certain plotlines. Maybe it’s my nostalgia for the comedic excellence he achieved pre-1990, or how painful it is to scroll through his 1991-2008 IMDb filmography, but I’m all for the man delivering off-color politically incorrect one-liners on television’s most ambitious sitcom as his swan song performance.
Looking at the old guy now (Amy Schumer’s recent Shatner burn come to mind) it’s easy to forget he’s Ty Webb, Irwin Fletcher, Clark Griswold, and coined, “It was my understanding that there would be no math.” Man, did he surely have some epic times, which pretty much all the black and white photos to follow attest to. I’m unabashedly geeked for the return of Community tomorrow night and scrolling through pictures of Chevy Chase and awesome people seems like the right thing to do to pass the time.
As always with Awesome People, I tried to keep them as candid as possible, although several — like the photos from Empire’s recent Three Amigos 25th anniversary piece — were too good to pass up.
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I don’t know any of the people in this one, but I do know it was taken at the premiere party for A Star Is Born and Chevy definitely put the hard press on the pretty lady to the right.
Taken at a sorority house some 30 years ago. Respect.