An Axe-Wielding Clown Attacked A Woman In North Carolina

A North Carolina resident now knows the stuff that nightmares are made of. Early Friday morning police responded to an emergency call from the residence of a woman who told them a frightening tale, according to the Hickory Record.

A man had knocked on her door and asked her to come outside during the early hours of Friday morning. When she emerged, the man — dressed in a clown outfit complete with a multi-colored wig and mask — began swinging an axe at her. In the scuffle, the victim was able to remove his mask, revealing an acquaintance of hers, Jimmy Daniel Raybon. The Hickory Police Department has issued a warrant for assault with the deadly weapon against Raybon, but as of right now he is not in custody.

The victim was not hurt during the assault, but I have several thoughts on the incident. First of all, this woman is a damn hero and should have a statue erected in her honor for not only fighting off the killer clown, but revealing his identity. Secondly, who the hell dons a clown outfit and attacks someone with an axe — oh, I know…meth. And third, why did this woman exit her home when a clown knocked on her door after midnight? So many questions…we’ll have to wait for the movie.

(via Hickory Record)

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