Watching This Baby Kangaroo Cuddle Can Only Make Your Day Get Better



Sometimes it seems as if the world is nothing but a series of horrible events, spilling like dominoes into the foreseeable future. But then a small moment comes along and, suddenly, it feels as if maybe life isn’t so bad. Whatever you’re doing or experiencing today, I guarantee this video of a six month old kangaroo loving on her rescue dad will make you smile.

That video was taken 18 months ago at The Kangaroo Sanctuary. The rescue was featured in a BBC/National Geographic documentary entitled Kangaroo Dundee which follows the adventures of Chris “Bogla” Barnes, who began taking in orphaned joeys in 2005 until the wildlife sanctuary took on its modern form in 2009. Indi, the joey featured in the video above, is now two years old, but she still loves to cuddle!

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