If You Like Comedians Arguing With Children, ‘Baby Talk’ Will Be Your New Favorite Show

A new web series launched today and if you’re a fan of having inappropriate conversations around children, then this is the show for you. Baby Talk is hosted by comedian Dan Levy who has been performing it as a live show at the NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles with Jensen Karp since 2013. They’re now bringing it to the much wider internet audience. The premise is simple: a panel of three or four comedians question an actual child about parenting questions or any questions they may have that might get a rise out of them. Some examples: “Where do babies come from?” and “Who would win in a fight: a tiger or a lion?” It’s a combination of deep, philosophical ponderings and untainted answers.

An introduction to the series is posted above; the first episode was released today and can be watched below. The first round of comedians are Neal Brennan, John Mulaney, and NBA star Blake Griffin, who is not a comedian, but he does have a kid. (This is something Dan Levy failed to find out, so it looks like someone has a case of “dad brain.”) Upcoming guests include Paul Scheer and his wife June Diane Raphael, Jack McBrayer, Thomas Middleditch, and Natasha Leggero (plus the children they’ll be questioning).

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