The Search For The World’s Most Offensive Halloween Costume Is Complete

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out at Halloween. The competition is so fierce. You’ve got to be somewhat shocking if you want people to remember you. Enter: a black penis costume, complete with black face makeup. It totally looks like something Tobias would wear in a Halloween episode of Arrested Development, doesn’t it?

Here’s the product description for the “King Dong”:

The Adult Inflatable King Ding Penis Costume includes a one-piece novelty bodysuit with puffed legs and a pull tie fastening around the head to ensure a good fit.

The novelty costume also comes complete with an inbuilt fan and inflates around your body. You will need to purchase AA batteries from the additional accessories to activate the fan.

This hilarious outfit would be ideal for a stag night, especially when teamed up with our Adult Adult Inflatable King Dong Penis Costume.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Recommended height for this costume is between 5′ 8″ to 6′ tall. Any shorter than this and you may experience problems inflating this costume to full effect. Any taller and the costume will be overstretched and probably an uncomfortable fit.

The same website also sells a giant white penis costume, but that’s just not believable.

(Via Buzzfeed)