Bar Refaeli’s Instagram Is A Real-Life Stefon Sketch: It Has EVERYTHING

Senior Pop Culture Editor
07.17.13 3 Comments

bar sun

If you came here looking for fun, here you go: the world’s hottest nightclub is Bar Refaeli’s Instagram Life. It has EVERYTHING. Allow us to give you a tour, minus the velvet ropes, of course.

Gold elevators.

bar elevator

Supermodels flashing their underwear in front of strangers in thrift stores.

bar underwear


bar safe


bar bubble

Kiddie pools that double as water birth pools.

bar yellow submarine

Naked women in cars holding shopping bags.

bar car

Bad karaoke.

bar karaoke

Trainers with cheese graters for abs.

bar trainer

Pregnant hippies.

bar pregnant

All that, and mutts. It’s that thing where midgets dress up as dogs to get closer to Bar Refaeli.

bar dogs


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