A Former Bartender Details The Horrors Of Working In The Service Industry Before Obamacare


As house Republicans prepare to vote on a new healthcare bill on Thursday that will effectively cut the most popular benefits of Obama’s Affordable Care Act for millions of Americans (but not for members of congress, of course, because let’s not get crazy here), people are understandably freaking out. The new bill even gives employers the power to cut very basic types of health services to employees, including emergency service, hospitalization, maternity care, mental health services, prescription drugs, preventative and wellness services, and pediatric services, among others. You know, the most basic healthcare human beings need to live!

Because many people remember a time before Obamacare, and the horrors that came with not having employer provided health insurance — or being able to afford it oneself. Things were particularly bad for those in the service industry, such as your bartenders, waitresses, waiters, kitchen staff, etc. — people who are on their feet for long periods of time and oftentimes working with sharp objects.

One former bartender from New Orleans who goes by Hell Frasier‏ on Twitter recalled his time working behind the bar before Obamacare made it easy to procure heath coverage, so why not let his experiences serve as a cautionary tale as we appear to be heading back into the dark ages of “fish antibiotics.” Yes, fish antibiotics.

So if this bill passes, make sure to leave a little extra something for your waitress or bartender next time you leave a tip. Not that it will even remotely help with their medical bills, mind you, but maybe they can shell out for the good fish antibiotics next time.