Batman And Captain America Pistol-Whipped A Woman During An Attempted Robbery In Oklahoma City

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The Marvel and DC crossover event has finally happened, but not under the circumstances everyone has been hoping for. Instead of teaming up to fight injustice, two masked men and a female accomplice tried to rob a driver at a gas station in Oklahoma earlier this morning, according to The Smoking Gun.

The crooks were wearing Batman and Captain America masks when they accosted the woman as she was filling up her car at an Oklahoma City gas station around 5 AM, according to police.

During the course of the attempted robbery, the devious duo pistol-whipped the victim (since Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth didn’t work fast enough). Another customer interrupted the robbery, causing the trio to flee the scene.

Sounds like a job for David Ayer’s lineup in the recently announced Suicide Squad movie. Maybe the Captain America’s involvement will encourage Sony to kick-start the Sinister Six into action.

Source: The Smoking Gun

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