‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ To Get A Serving Of Creepy Courtesy Of The Mad Hatter

One of my favorite parts of Batman: Arkham City was the Mad Hatter sidequest — it was creepy, funny and really did justice to an underutilized and under-respected villain. Sadly, the sidequest was quite short (you could finish it in around 15-minutes) so I was left hungry for more.

Well, it looks like Batman: Arkham Origins is going to deliver! The Mad Hatter will be in the game, and this time it sounds like his quest will be far more involved. Hit the jump for some details…

In the new game The Hatter will have kidnapped a woman named Alice (of course) and you’ll have to fight through an entire Wonderland-themed area to get her back. Also, it should be mentioned that The Hatter will not be part of the group of assassins Batman will be facing in the game. It’s tough to make it as an assassin when you have to throw an elaborate tea party for every person you kill, ya know?

Here’s what Arkham Origins creative director Eric Holmes had to say about The Mad Hatter…

“Mad Hatter is a character we loved in Arkham City. We loved his presence, and we really wanted to do more with him. When we realized we wanted to bring him back, we also realized that part of the core experience of the Arkham franchise is its abstract encounters. It’s not just literally walking into a room with a bunch of thugs who are doing some sort of deal and knocking them out. It’s also these inner journeys, where you’re mixing a little bit of what Batman’s mind is with a little bit of what the villain is, and how he might get inside Batman’s head.”

I have to say, I’m kind of loving this game’s focus on B-list villains. I always like to root for the underdog, even when that underdog is trying to poison Gotham City’s water supply. Bring on KGBeast, Killer Moth and The Ventriloquist!

via ComingSoon