Bay Area Nerds Are Turning To PUAs To Learn How To Talk To Women

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05.02.14 4 Comments
How not to talk to women.

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How not to talk to women.

Computer nerds do not deal with sexual politics well. Generally, they try to make sex function in a way that works for them, best demonstrated by the hilariously douchey world of hook-up apps, and that doesn’t end well. It’s hard to make somebody like you by yelling equations at them. So the rich nerds of the Bay Area are turning to PUAs to teach them how to interact with human beings.

Truthfully, having been that nerd, I feel for these guys. If you don’t have a good model for social skills and speaking with people, it can be extremely hard to make friends, let alone land a date. And to be fair, the PUA SF Weekly profiles, Vince Kelvin, is teaching them how to talk to women, not to insult them. But then he says, well, stuff like this:

Kelvin says that his San Francisco clients tend to be intellectuals who overanalyze every situation and can’t get out of own their heads as they dissect and evaluate each interaction while it’s occurring — a kiss of death for chemistry. They’re also very shy, reluctant to make advances unless they’re absolutely confident that they won’t get rejected.

“Part of the problem is that the guys beat around the bush, that’s why they don’t get the bush,” Kelvin says.

We apologize in advance for both the strong itching sensation on your knuckles as the urge to punch this guy overwhelms you, and the sudden reek of industrial hair gel flowing out of every opening in your computer. The guy calls himself “Hollywood”, what do you expect?

Anyway, at least these guys are getting help talking to women. Maybe this will bleed into their work and we’ll get apps designed for human beings.

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