This Video Of A Bear Breaking Into A House Is Scarier Than Most Horror Movies

It’s no secret that bears are majestic creatures and that the more that humanity expands the more that we brush up against bears and other wildlife. Bears have this strange tendency to get themselves into the damnedest jams and seem to have a special affinity for opening up doors and scaring the crap out of humans. This isn’t an article in which we are going to tell you anything different. In fact, bears continue to clash with people and continue to use doors like they are seasoned professionals.

This Redditor posted a video of a bear simply walking into a house while the guy recording it looks on in pure shock and disbelief. This brave soul attempted to narrate the situation, but bears are natural predators and this bear wasn’t simply entering this house for fun, he was probably looking for something to eat. The bear follows him up the stairs with ease, with our valiant narrator ducking into a room at the top of the stairs in vain hope that the bear would stop coming.

As you can see, it appears that he got his door shut in time. As for the fate of this poor sap, nobody knows. The Redditor claims that he snagged it from social media somewhere, but one would have to think that if it ended up online that everything is probably just fine. Or at least kind of okay.

(Via Reddit)