A Relatable Everybear Managed To Lock Himself Inside Of A Subaru

Everyone has one of those days now and then when they just want to lock themselves away from the world, just to hop into a car and drive, without a specific destination in mind. That instinct isn’t unique to humans, apparently, as bears also seem to have a thing for wanting to get into vehicles, even if vehicles are filled with families on vacation. Something about bears is just strangely relatable to us, so perhaps they are finally starting to see humanity as relatable as well.

At least that seems like one of the only plausible reasons as to why a bear would hop into a Subaru and lock itself in. Because that is exactly what happened in Colorado, claims Time. The owner claims to have left the car unlocked the previous night, only to find a bear trapped inside of her car the next day. Local officials responded to the call and were able to set the bear free, but not without making their fair share of bear puns via social media.

Ouch. The bear seemed to run off and was just fine, but as for the car? That was a different story. The owner, Annie Bruecker, at least found a solid excuse not to go into work that day.

“He’s tossing stuff in the back basically and then you can see the ceilings of my car just ripped and I was like, ‘I’m not going to work today.'”

The video shows some of the aftermath of the inside of the car, with the ceiling and upholstery ripped up, the car looking worse for wear.

(Via Time)