This Family Of Bears Took Over A Swimming Pool, And These Little Girls Are Not Happy

A family of bears made themselves at home in a family’s swimming pool in Rockaway Township, N.J. earlier this week, and no one could be more upset about it than the little girl whose voice can be heard on camera, whining around her “floatie,” which one of the bears apparently took. You do not come between a little girl and her floatie.

Around the 1:45 mark, the girl’s sister asks the dad if they’re going to have to get a new pool, and he laments that this one is “probably shot,” which hilariously elicits even more wailing. Tough luck, kid, because the video goes on for another entire nine minute of the bears wreaking havoc to floaties and anything else they can get their paws on.

Talk about ungrateful! Some kids have to travel long distances to visit zoos, and these two have a show going down right in their backyard and all they can do is cry about it. Speaking of which, I only hope the bears made it out okay, because the video cuts off just as the mother bear picks something with an electrical cord off of the ground and dangles it precariously close to the water. You know what, they’re probably fine.