A Real Grinch Of A Beaver Destroyed A Bunch Of Artificial Christmas Trees In A Maryland Store

So, a beaver walks into a store and sees some artificial Christmas trees… It sounds like the setup to a bad joke your dad might tell, but it was a reality in Charlotte Hall, Maryland earlier this week when a beaver that was apparently lost wandered into a dollar store, headed straight for the Christmas section and proceeded to do what beavers do best — which is to say, take down some trees.

Unfortunately for the beaver, the trees it found turned out to be the aforementioned artificial Christmas trees, so instead it just decided to trash the place.

The “suspect attempted to flee the area,” as the sheriff’s office put it in a statement, but it was apprehended by animal control and released to an animal rehabilitator – hopefully not just to be released into the wild, but to be taught basic shopping etiquette.

“All joking aside, the beaver was safely rescued by animal control and released to wildlife rehabilitation,” authorities tweeted.

Well, if there’s a war on Christmas this year, Fox News can’t blame the liberals, for once. Seriously, just wait until Bill O’Reilly hear about this. 50 bucks says he sends Jesse Watters down to the river to give these godless, over-sized rodents the what for.

More Christmas-hating beaver pics below:

(Via Richmond-Times Dispatch, St. Mary County Sheriff’s Office)