No Bob Marley-Inspired Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream For You, America

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Amazingly it’s been 30 years since the release of Bob Marley’s seminal “Legend” album, and to mark the passage of time Ben & Jerry’s has released a special edition flavor of ice cream called “Satisfy My Bowl,” which is named after the song, “Satisfy My Soul.” A bowl is a thing that you eat out of (though, if we’re all pretending that we don’t eat Ben & Jerry’s out of the carton then we are all vicious liars) and surely there are no other connotations.

The name “Satisfy My Bowl” came from a fan contest initiated by Ben & Jerry’s. The winner of said contest will now be enshrined in the Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Hall of Fame, which just goes to show that Lorde was wrong and that some of us can be royals.

So, what does Bob Marley remembrance taste like?

It’s a mashup of banana ice cream, caramel and cookie swirls, and chocolate peace signs —presumably because bananas are tropical?

What, no hemp seed?

Apparently, the proceeds from the sale will go to the 1LoveFoundtion and Partners for Youth Empowerment, but unfortunately both the charity and the culinary curiosity of Americans has been disregarded as this flavor will only be available in the United Kingdom initially. Luckily, stateside flavor crusaders seem to be hard at work trying to topple this embargo thanks to a petition that has a little bit less than 5,000 signatures currently. That’s about 4,900 people more signatures than I got when I tried to bring Ecto-Cooler back from the dead, so the will of the people seems to be on their side.

Source: FoodBeast

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