Ice Cream-Making Do-Gooders Ben & Jerry’s Reveals A New Climate Change-Themed Flavor

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has never been a stranger to a good cause, and they’ve revealed a new flavor for another cause… climate change. Ice cream is a great treat in the summer, but, as we all know, ice cream and the heat are not the best of buddies. And that’s the message behind the newly introduced “Save Our Swirled.”

First, the downer news: 2014 was the warmest year for the Earth on record, and that has Ben & Jerry’s worried. In a message on their site, the company’s CEO Jostein Solheim discusses what they’ve been doing to keep themselves accountable:

To start, we just completed a life cycle analysis (LCA) of 20 flavors, an in-depth look at our ice cream production that is allowing us to target the best possible options for cutting our environmental impact. Everywhere I look, the technologies, processes and innovations that will solve climate change are win-wins, and have the potential to create economic and social benefits, too.

Ben & Jerry’s is also partnering with electric car manufacturer Tesla and the activist group Avaaz to bring more attention to the issue of climate change and the perils of global warming.

Here’s the upper news: They’re plying us with delicious ice cream! Save Our Swirled is “raspberry ice cream, marshmallow and raspberry swirls, plus dark and white fudge ice cream cones” designed to look like they’re melting. As the company’s own Ben Cohen has said, “If it melts, it’s ruined.” Well, the Earth melting is bad. Ice cream melting can be salvaged into a milkshake.

(Source: Mashable)