Meme Watch: Evil Cows Are Udderly Disturbed

It behooves us to introduce you to a meme which blew up this past weekend, garnering over 1600 posts on Reddit and over 1300 image macros on Quickmeme in just a few days. The Evil Cows may have just been a couple of ruminants photographed near a house fire in the country, but the composition of the photo and the cow-eyed stare of those big dumb animals makes it appear as though these cows are sauntering away from the scene of their crime, and we’re next.

We’ve collected about 40 of our favorites from the 1300+ at Quickmeme below (hat tip to TastefullyOffensive). It turns out there are over a thousand puns which can be made about homicidal, pyromaniac cows. People are really milking this for all it’s worth.

Larry must have found a stranger in the Alps.