Meme Watch: Mean Dog Is Escalating His Car Chases

Entertainment Editor

When Redditor AusGap posted the picture above of his dog (minus the caption) and said, “I don’t know how my dog did this,” we knew it was destined to become a meme — it’s just way too easy to caption. Now five days have passed since it was posted, and, sure enough, the dog has been appropriated for “Mean Dog” image macros.
As you’ll soon see, Mean Dog is ready to roll, but you better go buy him some ciggies first. Ass, grass, or cash: no doggy rides for free. Mean Dog is part of the ruff crowd your mother warned you about, but he always gets out of jams because his cousin is a lawyer.
Our favorite 30 examples of Mean Dog are below courtesy of Quickmeme and Reddit. Thanks to DP&F for the assist. (Who’s a good boy? YOU ARE.)


It’s about your pups, Marty! Something’s got to be done about your pups!


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