Meme Watch: We Can Relate To 'Office Thoughts'

Does everybody have a Case Of The Mondays? Or perhaps a Case Of The Wanting To Stab Anyone Who Says, “Case Of The Mondays”? That second one’s a recognized disorder in the DSM-V. It’s true! A “doctor” told me when I was getting a physical. I don’t know why his diploma had quotation marks around doctor or how he got it to stay in place on the wall of that Winnebago. But he wrote me a sick note to get out of work, and that’s all that really matters.

Speaking of trying to get out of work, the Office Thoughts meme started last Wednesday morning to list all of our workday thoughts while we wish we were somewhere other than an office on a weekday morning. The meme caught on at Reddit and now has a few hundred representative pictures. It’s like this Office Thoughts guy read our minds.

Our 30 favorite Office Thoughts are collected here, all of them courtesy of Quickmeme. Thanks to Pleated-Jeans for the tip.