Best Pediatrician Ever? Watch This Doctor Make A Baby Laugh While Giving Him Shots.

Anyone who’s taken their baby in for a shot (or worse: a series of shots) knows the dread tied to such an event. It’s a day ruiner. The anticipation on the ride over is excruciating. No matter how comforting the doctor and nurses are, you can’t help but feel like you’re breaking your child’s trust when you’re holding their little arms back and they’re looking up at you through a cloud of pain and confusion. Even after the deed is done, guilt lingers; the parent holds on to the moment much longer than the child.

That’s why the pediatrician in the video above is an absolute hero. Watch as he deftly distracts his little patient with magician-level sleight of hand, so entertaining the little guy with silly antics that he doesn’t even know what hit him. More amateur magicians in the pediatrician’s office, I say.

(Via /r/videos; H/T DPAF)