Trump Held Up A Sheet Of Paper, And The Internet Hilariously Took The Ball From There

Demonstrating once again why you should never hold up a sheet of paper in a photograph unless you want the whole damn Internet to photoshop Dickbutt onto it, Donald Trump has held up a sheet of paper in a photograph and the whole damn Internet photoshopped Dickbutt onto it. I have photoshop open right now even though I can’t think of anything that can possibly beat what these other folks have done, especially new Twitter account Trump Draws, which is going a step further by making edited GIFs like this:


The Internet is just starting to give the photoshop treatment to pictures and video of Trump holding up a signed executive order, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t share the small but bigly big league selection that have already made their way to Twitter and Imgur. They’re the greatest photoshops. The best photoshops. Tremendous photoshops. Many people are saying this.

This GIF is the first one I saw, and probably still my favorite:

This one demonstrates how big he thinks his hands are:

And this one reveals — in a bombshell news exclusive — how big they really are:

And the rest so far:

(Via Trump Draws, Nerdcore, and Pedestrian TV)