The Funniest Tweets About Sunday Night’s Presidential Debate

Did you watch Sunday’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Chances are, you did, possibly while sober, possibly not (we won’t judge). So you already know about the lack of a handshake, the changing of the subject, the request to say something nice, the Mike Pence slam, and Ken Bone takin’ it to Bone zone. Twitter was also watching, and tweeting a constant barrage of jokes and gripes about the debate, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite reactions here. A few are from before the debate started, because this has been quite the week.

First up is this subtle suggestion:

Hmm, yes, that could be interesting. Next up, people had suggestions for how to get ready for the event:

And people noticed the lack of a handshake immediately:

Others had questions about the audience members, and the concept of “undecided” voters at this point in the election.

And we’re off…

Then the subject turned to Trump’s 3 a.m. rants urging us to “check out sex tape” (something he definitely said, even though he now claims he didn’t).

The fact-checking continued through the night:

People also had fun with the combination of Trump’s sniffing and his insulting of the Canadian health-care system:

And the jokes didn’t stop coming:

And some of the tweets were a straight-up burn:

Others tried to keep things in perspective:

And we’ll try to keep things in perspective as well:


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