Twitter Has Funny Theories About Trump’s Weird Phone Call With The Australian Prime Minister

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The transcripts from some of Trump’s bonkers phone calls with other world leaders last February have finally leaked. His call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was already plagued by rumors that Trump angrily hung up mid-call. According to the transcript, this is how the call ended:

And that isn’t remotely the oddest part. The whole transcript is amazing, and Twitter has been parsing it for the past day, coming up with numerous jokes and observations. As previously mentioned, people had fun with Trump groping for the term for dairy farmers and coming up with “local milk people.”

But some of the funniest tweets came from people making fake transcripts that were barely more absurd than the real one:

Plenty of people pointed out how bad this makes Turnbull’s refugee policies look:

The real transcript was a joke in and of itself:

Trump wasn’t here to make friends.

And some people smelled a conspiracy.

In other phone call-related news, jokes were also made about Trump’s call to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto:

And jokes were made about the adulatory call he said he had with the head of the Boy Scouts, which the Scouts have denied ever happened and the White House later admitted didn’t happen:

That explains everything.