Twitter Dragged Ann Coulter For Seemingly Making A Ridiculous Defense Of Ray Moore

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“Hey Dems!” Apparently pederasty is exactly like infidelity among adults, according to Ann Coulter‘s latest whataboutism. Normally, it’s easy to ignore whatever attention-starved flimflammery Coulter is shilling, but sometimes Twitter makes so many jokes about a particularly questionable statement that it’s hard to ignore the humor potential of it all.

Coulter tweeted something in an apparent bid to defend Alabama senatorial candidate Ray Moore‘s reported (by the Washington Post) attempted sexual relations with underage girls, including a 14 year old he met at a child custody hearing (she was the child, by the way). Here’s the tweet in question:

There’s so much to ponder about this tweet. She shouts “Hey Dems!” — as if disapproval of sexual misconduct is a partisan issue — and then she brought up John F. Kennedy’s infidelity with a 19-year-old employee who later wrote that she felt taken advantage of. Committing adultery with someone whose job security depends on you is awful, yes. What isn’t clear is why that would let up any heat on Ray Moore or how it’s some “gotcha” moment that proves Democrats are hypocrites if they don’t look the other way when over 30 sources say Moore pursued minors for sex.

So Twitter did what Twitter does about tweets like this. Make ridiculous jokes.

Some folks cited other examples of egregious behavior, although they picked events that were about three decades more current than JFK.

And some people shared other fascinating facts:

Others weren’t quite sure if they were reading what they were reading.

And people swiftly spread the word about the imperative “Don’t Vote For JFK Next Year” campaign.

And a couple of the reactions went to a terrifying place.

These final tweets weren’t replies to Ann Coulter, but they seem relevant here: