The COO Of Beyond Meat Has Been Arrested For Reportedly Biting A Dude In The Nose

The COO of Beyond Meat may lord over a company dedicated to meat alternatives, but in real life he appears to have a taste for human flesh. As per KNWA Fox 24 out of Fayetteville, Arizona, Doug Ramsey was arrested Saturday night after he got into a skirmish that involved him biting another man’s nose.

The incident happened after a college football game at Razorback Stadium. The Razorbacks had just triumphed over the Missouri State Bears. Hooray! Alas, in a parking lot after the game, Ramsey was trying to drive his Bronco home when a Suburu inched his way into his lane, making contact with one of his tires.

Ramsey then got out of his Bronco and, as per the police report, “punched through the back windshield of the Subaru.” The driver of the Suburu got out, later telling police that Ramsey “pulled him in close and started punching his body.” He then allegedly “bit the owner’s nose, ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose.”

Ramsey also threatened to kill the man whose nose he bit. He was arrested that night on charges of terroristic threatening and third-degree battery.

Is it a little too perfect that a purveyor of meatless fake meat bit into some human flesh? Sure is. It might even be, dare we say, a little too on-the-nose. Sorry.

(Via KNWA Fox 24)