‘Even Fox News’ Is Trending After Biden Pointed Out That ‘Even Fox News’ Requires Its Employees To Be Vaccinated

President Biden announced on Thursday a sweeping new vaccine mandate that will impact more than 80 million Americans. And while outrage from anti-vaxxers is sure to follow, the biggest thing many took away from the announcement is that Fox News is already enforcing a similar rule that the Democratic president announced in a national address.

Biden’s plan revealed Thursday aims to require companies that employ 100 or more people to mandate employees get fully vaccinated or provide a negative PRC test at least once a week. It’s a landmark shift from the mandates that had until this week been required by individual companies since the vaccines were approved for emergency use late last year.

“We need to do more,” Biden said in a speech on Thursday. “This is not about freedom or person choice. It’s about protecting yourself and those around you. The people you work with. The people you care about. The people you love.”

The speech had plenty of people talking, but the line that caught many by surprise was when Biden listed some companies that already have similar guidelines that will become national law.

“Some of the biggest companies are already requiring this,” Biden said. “United Airlines. Disney. Tyson’s Food. And even Fox News.”

Almost immediately, “even Fox News” started trending on Twitter as people reacted to the line. For some, it was the first time they had been made aware of vaccine mandates at the conservative news channel, which have been in place for months now.

“The bottom line is we’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers,” Biden said, something that Fox News has already been doing. Too bad, however, the rhetoric actually airing on Fox News is nothing like what’s actually required when you work there.