Bieber’s Kelly Kapowski Shirt: The Domino Effect

I came this close (*holds invisible joint*) to typing up something earlier in the week about the travesty that was Bieber sporting a Kelly Kapowski t-shirt to some excuse for a music awards show (Bieber was born the same year as Wedding in Vegas!) but since we’re coming dangerously close to renaming this site Bieberoxx and I have a strict policy against writing about lesbians in pink blazers I abstained.
That was before the meta-ness started. Tiffani Thiessen showed up to last night’s screening of Horrible Bosses in NYC in a Bieber shirt, giving into the force of the Bieb as opposed to calling him out for bringing his D game to Letterman and having no opinion on the Tori phenomenon, like I would have done. But I guess TT can use all the pub she can get nowadays, so whatever. At least her show didn’t do an episode entitled “Bro Bono” and the domino effect led to the following fun photoshops.