Biff Tannen Has A Wordy Business Card That Answers All Of Your 'Back To The Future' Questions

Since the wrap on production for Back to the Future III actor/comedian Tom Wilson has been answering questions about Back to the Future. It’s gotten a little repetitive. So to save time he carries around text-heavy cards outlining everything he knows and experienced during the filming of the Back to the Future movies. It makes a lot of sense from a sanity standpoint and now Shaun Usher of Letters of Note has shared the message with the masses.

I’ll probably never get to watch Eastwood movies in hot tub full of naked chicks with real life Biff, so I guess this is the next best thing. I especially like how he words Eric Stoltz getting “fired due to performance issues.” Failure to properly make incredulous faces when people keep asking you if you jumped ship is akin to erectile dysfunction, you see.

Full letter after the jump. It’s a fun read that I encourage anyone who had their youth shaped by the Back to the Future trilogy make the time for. Warning: Hoverboard spoilers ahead.

@LettersOfNote via Gawker