‘Big Momma’s House’ Table Of Sass: The Handmade Infographic The World Didn’t Know It Was Missing

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Yesterday Redditor BrickHanson shared a worldview-altering chart he and his buddies made, explaining:

“My friends and I made the mistake of watching all the Big Momma’s House movies in one sitting. We made this chart as we went along.”

After lots of suggestions and critique in the comments he also added:

“Our original plan was to also watch all the Madea movies and Klumps movies as well, and use different colors to indicate each series. However, about 40 minutes into Diary of a Mad Black Woman we all wanted to kill ourselves.”

Sometimes you have to curb your ambition for the sake of sanity.

The full, enlargeable graphic that will probably be included in textbooks in the near future is after the jump. I want to add that if the “Being good at things an old black lady shouldn’t be good at” to “Fart jokes” ratio was 3:1 as opposed to 2:1 the Big Momma’s trilogy would probably be held in the same regard, as say, the Bourne trilogy.

Reddit via The Daily What

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