Bill Barr Reportedly Doesn’t Give A Sh*t About Trump Anymore And Is Cooperating With The Jan 6th Committee Investigation

Donald Trump may have a talent for getting people to play along with his duplicitous schemes—see: Rudy Giuliani and The Big Lie—but his track record for keeping those people on his side and loyal to the tales they’ve spun and half-truths they’ve told on his behalf is pretty abysmal. The latest one-time MAGA stooge to turn their back on the former president looks to be William Barr.

On Monday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported that Barr, the former Attorney General under Trump, has already had a “preliminary” discussion with the January 6th sub-committee. Whereas Barr has reportedly claimed that he doesn’t know much because he was no longer working under Trump at the time of the insurrection, “the fact is he was on the job up until the 23rd of December,” Cooper said, “by which time the former president’s pressure campaign on the Justice Department to cast doubt on the election had already been underway for several weeks.”

Cooper brought on New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman to shed some further light on the situation. In addition to confirming that Barr could play a significant role in getting to the bottom of exactly what part Trump played in the events that led to the Capitol riots, she noted that “It’s also important that he’s voluntarily speaking to them. There has been such resistance from people who are still close to the former president to being involved with this committee at all.” Which begged the question: Do Barr and Trump still have any sort of relationship?

According to Haberman, as Raw Story noted:

“They don’t have a relationship now. They haven’t had a relationship in quite some time I think that, you know, there are things that the former president accomplished that I think that the former attorney general, you know, supported and certainly was against, as Jonathan said. He was not in favor of the Mueller investigation. That’s part of why the former president brought him in, to end that moment in time. There were things they agreed on. There were a number of things they didn’t agree on over time. That began, you know, frankly, long before Election Day. Their relationship is nonexistent now.”

You can watch the full clip below.

(Via Raw Story)