Bill Burr Told A Trump Joke That Kimmel Pointed Out Might Earn Him A Knock On The Door From The Secret Service

Last month, Bill Burr ticked off the MAGA crowd thanks to his wife flipping off Donald Trump at a UFC fight, prompting the comedian to mock the right for being overly sensitive snowflakes. On Tuesday night, Burr took aim at both sides of the aisle during a visit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and some of his remarks may raise an eyebrow or two at the Secret Service.

As the conversation turned to politics, Burr first blasted liberals and Kimmel for making Trump a “martyr.”

“You want to see a great case on narcissism? Liberals are so f*cking stupid the way that they handled Trump.” Burr said. When Kimmel asked him to elaborate, the comedian shot back, “You should shut up! He’s a narcissist!”

Via The Daily Beast:

“I think he was a one-hit wonder, right?” Burr continued. “He wrote ‘The Twist’ and that was it, he was on the casino circuit and you idiot liberals wrote him ‘Twist Again’ when you indicted him and now he’s a martyr. And he’s coming back, Jimmy, it’s going to be great for comedy!”

Burr then made it clear that he’s not a fan of either presumptive nominee for both parties.

“I want somebody in their forties, somebody that’s going to have to live with their decisions,” Burr said. “With any luck, they’ll both die of natural causes before the election and maybe we can get somebody that still has something to live for.”

“Wow, this year you’re not going to get a visit from Santa but you are going to get a visit from the Secret Service,” Kimmel joked.

(Via The Daily Beast)