Bill Maher Has A Plan For How Obama Can Save Biden’s Presidency By Moving Back Into The White House

The Joe Biden presidency isn’t the complete disaster his critics claim it is. Unemployment is dropping. And, well, he continues to not be Donald Trump. But he’s still presiding over a period of inflation, over a pandemic that’s spiked anew, and over a largely non-functioning Congress made worse by two quisling Democrats. His approval ratings are in the toilet. And on the first Real Time of the new year, Bill Maher had a jokey (or not?) plan for how to save Biden’s presidency.

It, of course, involves getting Barack Obama, the most popular Democratic president in decades, back in the White House. How would one do that, given that he’s already served two terms? Maher had a scheme, and it didn’t even involve amendments.

He pointed out the lack of enthusiasm in the party for its leaders, that it lacked “big d*ck energy.” He then surveyed the field of possible Democratic leaders and found it lacking. Bernie Sanders is now “too old,” Pete Buttigieg is “too young,” and former New York governor Andrew Cuomo “didn’t work out.” Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris has even lower approval ratings than the top dog.

“But there is one guy all Democrats could rally behind and would love to see back in the White House,” Maher said. “Of course, you’re saying Obama can’t be president again — he’s had two terms, and that’s the rule. You know, politics, often called the art of the possible, really is now the art of whatever you can get away with, something only Republicans seem to realize, like when they just made up that presidents can’t appoint a Supreme Court justice in an election year, or when they changed their mind and said, ‘Oh wait, they can when our side is in power.'”

He then drew inspiration from, of all things, one of those terrible live-action Disney comedies from the ‘70s: Gus, in which Don Knotts enlists a field goal-killing goat to his football team because there’s no rule that prohibits it. (There are a ton of great movies missing from streaming services, but anyone with Disney+ can watch Gus, perhaps as a double feature with the Dean Jones movie about a duck that lays golden eggs.)

“What the Democrats have to do now is their version of a Gus,” Maher said. “And it goes like this: Biden and Obama must divorce their wives — not leave them, just officially legally divorce them. Then, Biden will gay-marry Obama, thereby putting him back in the White House. The law says Obama can’t be president again, but there’s nothing that says he can’t be first lady.”

You can watch Maher lay out his hair-brained scheme in the video above.

(Via Raw Story)