‘BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea’ Debuts A New Clip From Part Two

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea had its problems, but if you played it all the way through, you cursed Irrational Games for sticking you with that cliffhanger. We knew Part 2 picks up with Elizabeth… and this clip from the opening tells us she’s in much hotter water than she realizes.

Namely, she’s staring Frank Fontaine right in the face. Yes, folks, it’s time to meet Atlas before he became an angry end boss:

Yes, this trailer is absolutely shameless fanservice, right down to what we’re 99% sure is the original voice actor for Atlas reprising his role and him throwing you a radio. One assumes you’ll be going through the game with Atlas in your ear, guiding you through a few problems.

And it does seem that this current universe’s Booker is out of the equation… but Booker himself, as we can see, is not. The guitar is a nice touch; sitting down with it was a rare quiet and compassionate moment in a frantic and violent game.

Before you ask, sadly Irrational has no release date yet, but this hints that it’ll be much more like the traditional BioShock, and if nothing else, we’ll be curious to see what happens with Elizabeth kicking some ass in the city under the sea.