The Controversy At The University Of Missouri Spreads With Protests On Social Media

University of Missouri President Resigns As Protests Grow over Racism
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The University of Missouri protests over the school’s handling of racism has led to high-profile resignations, social-media threats, and now a Twitter hashtag. Under #BlackOnCampus, countless Twitter users are recounting their experiences with racism on American college campuses, showing that the issue goes beyond the University of Missouri.

The tweets touch on a range of examples of campus racism, like assumptions about one’s intent in being on campus, about one’s intelligence, and the emptiness of campus diversity initiatives:

As with many conversations centered on race, the hashtag has also attracted naysayers, with criticisms like these:

Twitter users, however, are responding to those who are critical of the #BlackOnCampus hashtag:

After receiving criticism in the past for purportedly ignoring the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s interesting to note that Bernie Sanders is the first presidential candidate to respond to #BlackOnCampus.

Just as this hashtag has inspired people all over the country to speak out, the University of Missouri protests have inspired protests on other college campuses in solidarity. NBC News reports on concurrent protests at Ithaca College and at Yale University. Ithaca students are demanding that their president resign over what they say is his mishandling of race issues on their campus. In addition, Yale recently made headlines after a professor spoke out against a university email warning students not to wear potentially offensive Halloween costumes.