A Couple Of Pranksters Tried Getting Into ‘Black Panther’ On One Ticket Dressed As A Tall Man In A Trench Coat

The two-for-one. It’s an attempt at two people (typically kids) at passing as a single, human adult by donning a trench coat, hat, and sunglasses. We’ve seen the Little Rascals pull off this prank over 70 years ago, but it has little applicable use in the current real world. But, sometimes desperate times when you can’t afford two tickets to a hot new movie like Black Panther present themselves, call for desperate measures.

And so, Twitter user Pillsbury unsuccessfully attempted to infiltrate a weekend screening of Marvel’s latest and greatest to the delight of fellow movie-goers and the likely ire of the theater manager.

At some point, the person in charge of a theater needs to see the effort put in and just slip the dude carrying the guy on his shoulders a ticket for the effort. There needs to be a contingency plan that allows for the absorption of a ticket price into the evening’s receipts so people can be rewarded for moments like these. Truly, they deserve it.

(Via Rare)