Black Widow Is Getting Her Own Limited Edition iPhone 6, But It Won’t Be Cheap

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is still clobbering the box office world wide and, even though the market has been lacking in Black Widow toys, Natasha Romanoff is getting her own uniquely themed mobile phone. Colorware — the company behind many uniquely branded tech products — has just released a new limited edition Black Widow themed iPhone 6.

Featuring a glossy raised spider-web pattern on a matte black back panel, the gadget will come accented with a Formula red Apple Logo, sim card tray, edges, and Black Widow’s signature emblem. It sure sounds cool, but there are two caveats to consider…

Only 25 copies of this Marvel Comics themed iPhone 6 have been made available by the company and the price for the low end 16GB model is $1599, with the high end 128GB iPhone selling for $1799.

I mean, that’s Tony Stark style money right there!