Blake Shelton Being Named The Sexiest Man Alive Led To Some Hot Takes

I’ll say this much about Blake Shelton: of the four judges on The Voice, he’s definitely the fourth sexiest. On Tuesday, People magazine named the country star the Sexiest Man Alive, which is unfortunate news for previous winners Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, and Adam Levine, who are now all dead.

Even the 41-year-old Shelton, who’s won nine CMA Awards and been nominated for eight Grammys, was surprised by the honor. “Y’all must be running out of people,” he told People. “Like, wow, we’re down to somebody who is somewhat symmetrical.” He decided to wear the sexy crown, though, when his girlfriend and The Voice co-host Gwen Stefani advised him, “Listen to me, you’re going to regret this for the rest of your life if you don’t take this gift and just live in the moment.” Shelton’s also going to regret this comment.

But a bigger incentive for the singer was being able to stick it to his fellow coach (and 2013 Sexiest Man Alive) Adam Levine. “I can’t wait to shove this up Adam’s ass,” Shelton adds. “As proud as I am and honored that you guys asked me, that’s really the only thing I care about.” (Via)

“Shove this up Adam’s ass,” raves Sexiest Man Alive, who apparently isn’t doing phrasing anymore. Shelton, who would like to be called “Mr. Sexy,” thank you very much, is a rugged heartthrob among the “moms driving minivans” community, but on Twitter, People‘s decision to name him literally the most attractive male in the world lead to some, well, hot takes.

That last tweet is a reference to Shelton’s spotty “history of homophobic and racist comments,” including the time he tweeted, “Question for my gay followers…. Are skittles y’all’s favorite candy?”

(Via People)