This Dancing Woman Inspired A Three-Car Pileup And Proved Distracted Driving Is Real

Film/TV Editor
02.03.16 2 Comments

This video serves little function besides illustrating the absurdity of the male species when confronted with a pretty lady. For an unknown reason, this woman leaps out of her vehicle and stares into the camera while she spazzes out a little bit. She jumps up and down enthusiastically, and perhaps some inspiring music was to blame. Even more potentially silly was the woman’s outfit, which would have made her at home on In Living Color. Yeah, she’s got the fly-girl moves, and she’s gonna prove it.

Unfortunately, three cars passed by while the woman finishes bounding into the air. The drivers of these vehicles couldn’t handle the glorious sight of a dancing female, and each one paused a little too slowly. The cars turned into an automotive centipede, and the sight of these idiots running into each other is too much for the woman to take without laughing. She and a few friends notice the slow-mo wrecks when they happen, but they can’t believe their eyes. Neither can viewers of this video.

Can you imagine bucking down with an insurance company over this mess? There’s not a checkbox to explain this madness, and sky-rocketing premiums are a sure thing for these drivers.

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