The East Coast Is Keeping A Sense Of Humor As They Brace For The Frigid ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Snowstorm

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The East Coast is bracing for another bout of miserable conditions as a frigid “bomb cyclone” snowstorm threatens to arrive with powerhouse force on par with a “winter hurricane.” (That sort of billing is a bit misleading, though.) The impact of the storm is definitely being felt ahead of its official arrival, which makes sense considering the scope of activity that’s found some unlikely parts of the country caught in the winter’s cold grip.

Hundreds of flights have been canceled as a result of the brutal weather with thousands more axed tomorrow. School closures have been announced across the coast too. New York’s public schools are closed on Thursday due to the extreme weather and they are far from alone in closing up in the face of the harsh conditions.

Dangerous weather is serious business, but sometimes you have to crack jokes to make sure you don’t go berserk. Twitter’s assorted wits and wags weren’t going to let a big-ass snowstorm with a silly sounding moniker roll into America without some cracks about dealing with a bomb cyclone threat. Clearly, the “bomb cyclone” branding caught the public’s attention for non-meteorological reasons.

Popular dog abuser and lasagna enthusiast Garfield was moved to weigh in on the storm as well.

Classic Garfield! Heed this cat’s warning. has information on how to prepare and take action during extreme winter weather. Stay warm, stay safe.

(Via CNN)