The Weird World Of ‘Frozen’ Bootleg Games: From ‘Spank Elsa’s Butt’ To ‘Frozen Heart Surgery’

Copycat apps are nothing new in the video game world, nor are games ripping off popular characters from movies or cartoons. But now the practice is so widespread that when a worldwide phenomenon like Disney’s Frozen comes along, a tidal wave of unauthorized junk soon follows.

There are literally hundreds of black market Frozen apps and web games out there, from run of the mill side scrollers like Olaf Bros World (a lazy Super Mario clone) to endless doll dress up and haircut games. But beyond that things start to get pretty weird. Journey with us now through the very strange world of bootleg Frozen video games!

Elsa Heart Surgery

“One day Frozen Princess Elsa woke up and felt bad. She had to go to the hospital and Elsa got the diagnosis that she needs an urgent heart surgery. Now it is up to you to execute a perfect surgery and save Elsa’s life. Good luck.”

Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery

“Have you ladies ever wondered what’s inside Frozen Elsa’s brain? Well, brings you the unique opportunity to find out! Our brand-new surgery game will take you into an amazing journey in which you are going to explore each of the little things happening in Elsa’s brain. Check out her temperature and her heart as well and once you’re sure she needs a brain surgery, start shaving her gorgeous blonde hair and prepare her for the long surgery hours. Then feel free to dig into her brain and make sure you use the right doctor tools to cut out her little obsessions, to repair whatever you find broken and to reactivate the dead synapses snowflakes. Once you’re done, make sure to place everything back together so that she can recover in time for her big Coronation Day.”

Anna Vampire Resurrection

“Anna was bitten by a vampire and turned into a monster. Now she feel the need to feed on blood, shes face is of zombies and can not stand sunlight. Her only salvation is you! Follow the instructions in the game and help her treat the wounds and prepare magic potion to bring Anna to life. Be careful, because every mistake can be fatal!”

Elsa Toilet Decoration

“Elsa Toilet Decoration wants to decorate her bathroom, but she needs your help because Elsa is sitting on the toilet. Can you help our queen to decorate the place?”

Elsa Nose Problems

“Elsa captured a chilly and she has actually been having some problem with her nose, recently. Undoubtedly you have had the same problem once, so you’ll know how to help Elsa, so put on some gloves as well as follow the medical professional’s orders in this fun physician video game for gals.”

Spank Elsa’s Butt

“Everybody come hit Elsa’s ass, grab the hand and more objects by placing your cursor over it and hold down your left mouse button.then spank the booty as fast as you can!”

Baby Elsa Spinal Surgery

“Frozen baby Elsa is a playful little girl, one day she was playing when the accident occurred, and now her back hurt. Elsa was sent to the emergency room, we come together with doctor cured her injury.”