Concerned Citizens Can Donate To The Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund (Not Really)

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Counselor to President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway ultimately admitted her error in falsely decrying the media’s failure to cover the so-called “Bowling Green Massacre” on Thursday’s episode of Hardball Friday morning. However, the former pollster’s admission didn’t stop her from blaming media — nor did it prevent everyone else from roasting her on social media with more “alternative facts.” Yet perhaps the greatest troll of all came in the form of a brand new website for the “Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund” that popped up overnight.

“Join us in helping those in this time of need,” reads the lead on “We all still carry the vivid memories of what horrors occurred at Bowling Green, but some still relive those moments everyday as they work to rebuild a community torn apart.”

Along with Conway’s Hardball quote draped across the bottom of the page, the fake fund website implores visitors to “[support] the victims and families directly affected by the Bowling Green Massacre by donating to the Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund” with a link that takes willing parties offsite. “But where does it take them?” you may be asking. To the main donation page at the ACLU website, of course.

The organization dedicated to protecting Americans’ civil liberties has already broken its donation records several time. First, immediately after Trump’s election, then during the confusion that resulted from the White House’s controversial travel ban. Perhaps Conway’s latest example of alternative facts will again prove more beneficial than not in the long run.

(Via Jim Roberts on Twitter)