Brace Yourself: The Erotic Dinosaur Fan Fiction Event You Desire Is Here


Some of you may already be aware of the dinosaur-erotica genre of smut literature, which is why I didn’t get to be the first writer here to create the “dinosaur erotica” tag. Thanks a lot, Burnsy.

Christie Sims and Alara Branwen are two of the most popular self-published authors on Amazon peddling stories of sexy times with T-Rex. (Not the band. That’s a totally different category of smut literature.) Crashing to the forefront of the celebration of extinct beastiality is San Francisco’s The Booksmith, with their monthly interpretive blind fanfic readings.

“Shipwreck” is a series created by Amy Stephenson and Casey Childers that takes one popular piece of literature a month and has six different authors write erotic stories based on one character (each) from the book. The stories are then read by performer Baruch Porras-Hernandez without naming the author, and the audience decides the winner based solely on, I guess, the strength of the ship described. Shipwreck has already destroyed forever such beloved classics as Little Women and The Wizard of Oz, and now they’re stomping in to the “Monster Sex” arena with Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park.

Hey, what better way to promote Jurassic World than with, I presume, a vivid description of Ian Malcolm making out with a hadrosaurus?

Featured writers for the prehistoric event are Molly Jane Rosen, Sean Kennedy, Chase Kamp, Rebecca Rubenstein and Christopher Wieland. The event takes place tonight at the Booksmith. Admission is $10.

It’s currently standing-room only, of course. Because dinosaurs f*cking.

(Via io9)