Brad Pitt Rides The Zombie Wave In This First ‘World War Z’ Footage

Brutal post-apocalyptic zombie wars and Entertainment Tonight — they just go together like cookies and milk, don’t they? Or at least that what Brad Pitt must think, because the first full trailer for Pitt’s World War Z adaptation will debut on this Thursday’s episode of ET.

Yesterday the show gave us a brief 30-second trailer for the trailer and ehhhh, things don’t look all that thrilling so far. Zombies have been so overused and devalued that this movie has had to break out 20-foot high rolling waves of zombies in order to provide Pitt with a credible challenge.

Hit the jump to watch the zombie genre jump the undead shark…

Everyone in this movie still looks surprisingly fresh-faced and well groomed. Good to know showering facilities and make-up will still be readily available during the zombie apocalypse.

via Topless Robot