Brad Pitt Teaches Us How To Pronounce ‘Selma’ Star David Oyelowo’s Name With A Song

Brad Pitt is the type of charming fellow that’s always around to lend a little electricity to a moment. Pitt was just around the Palm Springs International Film Festival to introduce Selma star David Oyelowo for the Breakthrough Performance Award. That’s when he took a moment to address something he was sure was on everyone’s mind. From Vulture:

“I know that there is one lingering question in the back of your minds and that question is, how the hell do you pronounce his name?” Pitt said. “It’s all right, I’ve been there, and I’m here to help.” He then led the crowd in a sing-along pronunciation of Oyelowo’s name to the tune of the soccer chant, “Olé, Olé, Olé.”

All we need now is Matthew McConaughey on the bongos and The Rock thrown in for good measure to ensure the complete destruction of the planet. We couldn’t handle that much awesome at the same time.

(Via Telegraph / Vulture)