It Gets Better: Even Brad Pitt Was An Awkward Teenager

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It’s reassuring to know even suave, attractive, philanthropic celebrities were once awkward teenagers with boney limbs and unfortunate hairstyles, so the photo below of Brad Pitt is totally going on our inspiration board next to our yearbook photos of a be-Cosby-sweatered Louis C.K., a smoldering high school Nick Offerman, and the adorably goth alterna-chick Christina Hendricks.

Taken in 1977 when Pitt was 14, the photo shows him as a basketball player on the Cherokee Rejects in Springfield, Missouri. Pitt started the “Rejects” team himself when he failed to make the cut for the 8th grade basketball team. Pitt’s classmate Aaron Stull says that five of the students who didn’t make the cut were on the Rejects, and Brad’s father Bill Pitt coached them at a church and a local Boy’s Club.

As for those trophies they’re holding in the team photo, Stull couldn’t recall what they ever did to receive them. We’d like to think of them as awards for “Best Prince Valiant Haircut”.

(H/T: BestWeekEver)

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