The Internet Is Captivated By This Instagram Full Of A Woman Smashing Her Face Into Bread

When one writes on the internet, and one writes about the internet, one often feels like they’ve seen everything on the internet. Well, I’ve been staring at these videos for awhile and still don’t understand what’s happening. These videos are so bizarre and so oddly alluring that they must be considered a success. Who doesn’t want to see someone smash their face into an Italian loaf?

For the past few months, a woman has been posting videos to a BreadFace Instagram account. People are taking notice, passing on the word, and pretty confused right now from the looks of these comments.

In each of the clips, this lady gets up close and personal with an impressive variety of breads. She does so (usually) while listening to R&B and gamely plunging herself into carb-filled madness. Cornbread gets the Rihanna treatment. Potato rolls are deserving of Fetty Wap. A Fay Da plain steamed bun meets its maker to the docile sounds of TLC. The list continues, for this woman’s Instagram description reads, “Giving the people something they didn’t ask for,” which is rather genius. She’s actually giving people something they never knew they wanted to see.

Challah bread, Wonder Bread, and Hawaiian rolls are all on the menu. Some breads are kind while others are unyielding. We never actually see this woman eating the breads, but she sure does enjoy them. Here are are more Breadface videos, and people can’t stop staring.