Look At All The Familiar Faces From 'Breaking Bad' Who Also Appeared On 'Seinfeld'

08.21.12 5 Comments

Lately the internet has been having some fun connecting Breaking Bad to Seinfeld, what with the hilarious “Pinkman” video that popped up yesterday and the Larry David-inspired alternate ending to “Dead Freight,” the episode that aired Sunday before last. But I don’t think I realized that there were so many very real connections between the two shows. I mean, I knew that Bryan Cranston played Tim Whatley, but I don’t think I knew that Anna Gunn was ever one of Jerry’s girlfriends, or that the guy who played Milos on Seinfeld was Hank’s doctor on Breaking Bad.

But I do now, thanks to this video. Enjoy!

(HT: Matt Norlander)

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