This Breastfeeding Social Experiment On A Crowded Subway Goes Pretty Much How You’d Expect

Breastfeeding tends to be a touchy subject, as people always seem to have unsolicited opinions about when and where and how long a woman should feed her child. So, in this social experiment video, a woman fakes breastfeeding a baby in the middle of a crowded London tube to record the reactions of bystanders.

What the bystanders don’t know, however, is that not only is the woman a plant, but so is another man sitting a few seats down, who immediately begins to berate her for feeding her child in public — turning the breastfeeding reaction video into a “reaction to the guy berating the breastfeeding woman” video. It’s basically the Inception of breastfeeding social experiment videos. Either way, the important thing is that, in the end, good sense and humanity prevails.