A Cafe Owner Gave A Customer The Boot After He Complained About A Breastfeeding Mother

Cafe Owner Kicks Out Man Complaining Breastfeeding
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The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus may be in favor of women breastfeeding in public — “Free the nipple!” he once said — but not everyone is quite as receptive. Last week, a man who was dining in a Queensland, Australia cafe complained about having to see a woman breastfeed on the premises. In fact, he took his concerns straight to Cheese and Biscuits owner, Jessica-Anne Allen.

After she refused and he proceeded to make the mother feel uncomfortable, Allen decided enough was enough: She promptly shut him down and asked him to leave:

Allen expressed shock anyone would make a mother embarrassed about something so natural.”We told him that we are a breastfeeding friendly cafe, that we have mothers’ groups and ladies who come and breastfeed all the time,” she told the newspaper [The Brisbane Times]. “We would never ask a mother to cover up when she is feeding her child.”

“I have a sister who has a three month old and I would hate to think that something like that was said to her,” she added.

In a post on the cafe’s Facebook page, Allen made it clear that her establishment was “breast feeding friendly” and that she was “mortified” by the man’s reaction.

(Via Mashable and The Brisbane Times)