This Freaky Footage Of ‘Breathing’ Pavement Will Give You Shivers

Film/TV Editor

Conspiracy theories provide a fantastic pastime as long as they’re not taken too seriously, and this video has spawned some good ones. This appears to be the sequel of last year’s similar Halloween adventure, which saw a hiker discovering an eerie, moving chunk of forest in Nova Scotia. The video was so unsettling to witness that folks expected crazy stick people from The Blair Witch Project to appear in the distance.

Now, this clip is making waves across the internet because the pavement appears to breathe. CDS News first published the clip, which has gathered up over a million views in a few locations. The pavement practically pulsates from an unseen force, and there may be a logical explanation, as the phenomenon occurred in Cadimare, a seaside Italian village. What’s going on here? Over at The Sun‘s Facebook page, people have some fantastic theories, which range from restless demons to David Cameron’s tax plans to, uh, ISIS:

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